Computer buddies services

We have Microsoft and Apple fully qualified and insured technicians available 6 days a week for repairs, upgrades and free advice.

Laptop services (WIndows or mac)

Device Repair Cost
Laptop Screen Replacement from £60
Laptop DC Jack Repair £70
Laptop Hinge Repairs from £45
Laptop Bezel/Plastic Repairs from £45
Laptop Fan Replacement & Clean £55
Laptop Basic Overheating Fix £45
Laptop Replacement Battery from £25
Laptop Replacement Charger from £25
Laptop Replacement Keyboard from £25
Laptop Liquid Damage Repair £65 if successful
Laptop Insurance Report £15

Desktop pc services

Device Repair Cost
Desktop Replacement PSU from £40
Desktop Overheating Fix £45

software services

Service Description Price
Software Reloading Operating System £40 (no data preserved)
Software Reloading Operating System £50 (your data is preserved)
Software Health Check & Tune-up £39
Recovery Password Reset £15
Recovery Data Recovery £40 per 1TB
Software Basic Troubleshooting & Fix £25
Software Complex Troubleshooting & Fix £35
Online Safety Parental Controls Setup £25

hardware upgrades (pc, laptop or mac)

Hardware Description Price
RAM Upgrade RAM from £25
CPU Processor Upgrade POA
PSU Power Supply Upgrade POA
SSD Solid State Drive Upgrade from £80
GPU Graphics Card Upgrade POA