struggling to charge your laptop?

If you are struggling to keep your laptop charging, then it maybe the DC jack port has become faulty.

Tell tale signs you need your DC Jack repaired

  • You have to wiggle your power supply connector to get a connection to your laptop’s DC power jack, and it isn’t stable.  It may flicker or go out, requiring more fiddling with the connection.
  • Only when the power supply connector is stuck in to the laptop’s power jack at an angle do you receive power properly.  Other times the laptop will simply not recognise the connection from your power supply.
  • Your laptop’s battery won’t charge, but is less than three years old and was working properly until recently.
  • Cracks have formed around your laptop’s DC power jack and it is looser than normal.
  • Your laptop’s DC power jack looks different.  Perhaps a piece of plastic in the middle is missing or it looks like it’s bent or at an unusual angle.

don't forget to bring your charger with you!

Our average price for this typical job is £70 - £90