Viruses, Malware & Trojans

is your computer acting strange?

Viruses, Malware & Trojans can present themselves in many many different ways, sometimes you can tell you have an infection, other times, it can be hidden, gathering your private information, sending it off to a hackers computer somewhere else in the world.

Some of the more common signs you have some sort of Virus, Malware or Trojan are:

  • Unexplained pop-ups, even when you don't have a browser open
  • Web browser crashes
  • Search results, redirecting you to adverts
  • Your usual search engine looks different, or the results seem to be less consistent
  • Unknown programs suddenly appear on your computer without your consent
  • Slower than normal computer, booting up, shutting down or opening web browsers or other programs
  • Strange emails being sent from your email account
  • Programs popping up with scary warnings of virus infections
  • A program blocks access to your files, and asks for money to unlock them